About us


After spending over 20 years repairing car audio amplifiers, we have learned what high quality competition amps and amp components look like and what goes wrong with them. We have seen far too many inferior designs and circuit boards that are made to look great but are low quality and are built with cheap components. We have known for a while how to engineer a superior amplifier that provides power and high quality sound and that is built to last. We are finally taking the next step to take advantage of years of experience in the industry repairing inferior products and now we have launched a new line of high quality car audio amplifiers that are built with the highest quality parts and workmanship. Our company is made up of engineers and technical personnel with decades of experience developing innovative products for the automotive industry. Our goal is to bring this innovation to the car audio industry by adding features that no other company is offering. We know that these products combined with impeccable customer service will surpass your expectations. Try our products and you will not be disappointed.